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Dr. Sun, not even kids mind going to the dentist when it's Dr. Sun, although he didn't answer Georges question about how babies got in the Mommys tummy. The improvements to the office, it's a lot more open and bright, and all the girls are so nice and friendly. I remember going to the dentist when I was a kid, it was an awful experience from the miserable nurse to the dark rooms, the smell and then a man with GIANT hands came in, the whole procedure hurt, and now my grandkids look forward to going and seeing everyone at Dr. Suns office----me too.


I have been a patient of Dr. Sun since he started in Lindsay in 2000. I have been very happy with his team and his services. His caring and non-confrontational attitude has made me feel very comfortable going to his office. I highly recommend Dr. Sun to anyone looking for a great dentist!


My kids had their braces done by Dr. Sun and the results were marvellous!! They no longer have crooked teeth and they are not afraid to show their smiles all the time now. Thanks for your job well done!!


I have became a patient of Dr. Sun since 2005 through my friend's referral. I have been very happy with the services provided by Dr. Sun and his team. Due to my fear of the dentist, I used to have to go to Toronto to have any dental work done under sedation. Since Dr. Sun does sedation dentistry, I have been able to have treatment performed by him under sedation right in Lindsay and I no longer have to drive a long distance to receive my dental care. It saves me a lot of time and money


I used to struggle with my lower denture because I did not have any teeth left in my lower jaw. Through a referral by my denturist, I saw Dr. Sun and he placed several mini-implants into my lower jaw to support my lower denture. Now, I can eat anything, speak, smile, without the worry of the denture coming loose. It is one of the best investments I have ever made!!! Thank you Dr. Sun for restoring dignity and joy in my life!!


My parents were not in the financial position to give me braces when I was young. Therefore, I had to live with a terrible smile until I saw Dr. Sun. He performed 6-month braces on me and now I absolutely love my smile!! Best of all, the treatment was done in 6 months!! Thank you for giving me back confidence in life.


I have always been afraid of the needle and the sound of the drill at the dental office. Therefore, I have ignored my teeth for a long, long time. Recently, I went and saw Dr. Sun and he told me he does IV sedation in his office which will allow me to get all the treatment done under a very comfortable environment. So, I proceeded with treatment under IV sedation with Dr. Sun and he fixed up all my teeth in one appointment. The best part of the treatment is that I don't remember a thing during or after the treatment!!


I had an old bridge in my mouth which was failing. It was close to the front of my mouth and I was afraid that it would come off and I wouldn't be able to smile. Dr. Sun removed the bridge and he replaced 2 teeth with dental implants. They feel and function as if they are my natural teeth and I don't have to worry about getting cavity on the implants either. I am very happy with the final result!


I recently had invisible braces done by Dr. Sun and my upper front teeth don't stick out anymore!! It was a great experience and I highly recommend to anyone who wants to have straight teeth but do not want other people to know that you are having braces


I switched to Dr. Sun because upon my first visit, he told me there were small cavities in my mouth which could be under observation whereas the previous dentist wanted to fix 8 of my teeth. I appreciate his honesty and integrity


The gum on one of my upper front tooth has receded a lot over the years and it looked long and ugly. Dr. Sun took a piece of my own gum from the roof of my mouth and moved it over to cover up the root of that tooth. Now, my 2 upper front teeth look the same and my smile has improved a lot!! Thanks for the good work.


I have worn down and chipped many of my upper teeth over the years and my old dentist used to just repair them with fillings and they would break again within a year. Dr. Sun recommended crowns to protect those teeth and he rebuilt them back up with crowns. They are much stronger now and they look a whole lot better than before. I don't have to worry about them breaking during meals again.


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